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A Note From The Owner

In 2004, I entered the world of handguns with the purchase of a Walther P99. I knew little about pistol craft, let alone concealed carry. I started with a basic course and realized how much I had to learn. Many courses, thousands of rounds, and a box (or two) full of gear later I have come to appreciate quality equipment coupled with competent training.


With the influx of new, cutting edge handguns and accessories to the market, it can be difficult to find good gear for comfortable concealed carry. That's why I started Coffman Concealment Concepts. My goal is to provide you with prompt service, quality products, and a customized solution to your concealed (and open) carry needs. Below are a few notes and thoughts that tell a bit more about the company and the mission behind it. Enjoy.


Michael Coffman


My beautiful daughter Rachel

My beautiful daughter Rachel

About Our Motto

"Some Things Are Worth Protecting." What does that phrase represent? Growing up through the Scouting program and as an Eagle Scout, I believed (and still do) that our country is precious and worth fighting for. That core principle is largely behind the flag theme of my comany. Later, as I first began my education in armed and unarmed self defense, I wanted to be able to protect myself. When I got married, it was no longer just me I was looking out for. One morning in July 2011 the last element fell into place. I became a father. With that addition to my life I really began to understand that "Some Things Are Worth Protecting."