New G-Code Products in Stock

Just received a new restocking order from G-Code for some Glock XST holsters. If you're interested in an XST holster, please check out the webstore to purchase! Thanks!

Also, it appears that G-Codes lead times are coming down. This latest order was received in about 4 weeks. If you have something that you would like special ordered please let me know. Orders over $80 receive free shipping.

4 New Models Available

We just received a shipment of new holster molds for some new models. We are now offering holsters for the Glock 19 Gen 4 and 34/35 Gen 3, Sig 1911 5" w/ Rail and the Walther PPQ M2. Please let us know if you would be interested in a holster for any of these configurations!


Michael Coffman

Insight Lights Now Available!

Awesome news! The great folks at Insight Technologies just sent over a case of their weaponlights to enable me to now offer holsters compatible with their products. We are now offering the M2, M3, M3X, M6, M6X, X2, and Xti Procyon lights. The M3X and M6X look like they may be a bit of a challenge due to the profile of the laser module but the others look to be pretty straightforward for building holsters.

G-Code Products back in stock!

The recent move by G-Code Holsters into a new facility had a major impact on their delivery times, resulting in order lead times nearly tripling. Unfortunately that led to delays in restock orders for us and we sold out of most of our G-Code products over the last couple months. Thankfully G-Code appears to be ramping production back up and we've received several orders over the last week. For those of you with special orders for G-Code products, most of them have either arrived or have shipped. We currently have three INCOG holsters in stock, 2 XDs and 1 M&P Shield. We have four Glock 19 INCOGs on order as well as several OSH and XST holsters for Glocks and M&Ps.

G-Code has said that their new facility will enable them to reduce their lead times down to 1-3 weeks. Hopefully that is the case and we can serve you our customers better as a result. Thank you for your patience!


Michael Coffman

HSGI Products now in stock!

Last Tuesday we received our first shipment of HSGI products and they are now posted to the web store for purchase. Our stocking order minimums are higher on the HSGI products than they are for the G-Code so we can't do small one off orders. However, we will try to stock commonly requested items and would be happy to place special orders for group or individual purchases of greater than $300. 


New Products Posted / Viridian Lasers

I finally had some free time today so I spent the afternoon loading up products to our web store. You'll find a bunch more G-Code products as well as some more options on our custom products page.

While I was working on that, I discovered an oversight on my part. I had previously failed to mention that we offer light bearing holsters compatible with Viridian products, including the C5 / C5L and X5L lasers. Please check out our latest offerings and let me know if there's anything else you would like to see us offer!


Michael Coffman

Thinking Outside the Box

There are many good companies out there making great gear, so what sets Coffman Concealment Concepts apart? It's that I work hard to think beyond the paradigm of Kydex Holsters. I try to take the versatility to the Kydex material into other realms beyond just holsters. I recently had a great oppportunity to attend the NW SARCON (Search And Rescue Conference) and met some great people. In preparation for that conference I worked to come up with some designs that would work well for the SAR community. Below are some pictures of the end results. Remember, we can do more than just holsters and "tactical" gear. If you have a unique project in mind, please let me know and I'll work with you to get it done.


Michael Coffman, Owner

Custom sheaths for two hand forged tomahawks

Motorolla Radio Carrier w/ Molle-Lok attachment

Garmin Products Now Available!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a booth at the NW SARCON (Search And Rescue CONference) put on by Clackamas County Sheriff Department.  It was a wonderful experience and I met a lot of great people. It just so happened that my booth was right next to the Garmin booth and I had the opportunity to talk with the Garmin reps. In our discussions they offered to send me some dummy display models of their products so I could use them as molds. Well, they just arrived and I'm stoked. In the package were four models, the ETrex 30, Rhino, Alpha 100, and GPSMap 62s. The really cool thing is that several of these models are the same profile as several other Garmin models so the carriers I make with them will work across several platforms. If you're interested in a carrier for your Garmin product, shoot me an email and I'll put something together for you!

Custom Garmin GPS unit for a friend of mine who uses it to track his bird dog while upland bird hunting.

New Website!

I'm excited to see our company growing into the e-commerce marketplace with the launch of our new website. We now have a live webstore where we can post our in-stock products for sale as well as our stocking dealer products, like G-Code Holsters