Thinking Outside the Box

There are many good companies out there making great gear, so what sets Coffman Concealment Concepts apart? It's that I work hard to think beyond the paradigm of Kydex Holsters. I try to take the versatility to the Kydex material into other realms beyond just holsters. I recently had a great oppportunity to attend the NW SARCON (Search And Rescue Conference) and met some great people. In preparation for that conference I worked to come up with some designs that would work well for the SAR community. Below are some pictures of the end results. Remember, we can do more than just holsters and "tactical" gear. If you have a unique project in mind, please let me know and I'll work with you to get it done.


Michael Coffman, Owner

Custom sheaths for two hand forged tomahawks

Motorolla Radio Carrier w/ Molle-Lok attachment