G-Code Products back in stock!

The recent move by G-Code Holsters into a new facility had a major impact on their delivery times, resulting in order lead times nearly tripling. Unfortunately that led to delays in restock orders for us and we sold out of most of our G-Code products over the last couple months. Thankfully G-Code appears to be ramping production back up and we've received several orders over the last week. For those of you with special orders for G-Code products, most of them have either arrived or have shipped. We currently have three INCOG holsters in stock, 2 XDs and 1 M&P Shield. We have four Glock 19 INCOGs on order as well as several OSH and XST holsters for Glocks and M&Ps.

G-Code has said that their new facility will enable them to reduce their lead times down to 1-3 weeks. Hopefully that is the case and we can serve you our customers better as a result. Thank you for your patience!


Michael Coffman