Below are some testimonials and reviews done by customers and other industry members. These have not been edited other than to show initials for the privacy of my customers. All written testimonials used with permission. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

I have been professionally carrying a handgun just about every single day for the last 20 years, both on and off-duty, in uniform, on SWAT, wearing suits, tactical pants, jeans, shorts, etc. I have tried holsters from just about every major manufacturer in just about every material and on every kind of belt. And I have been fortunate to train with some of the true legends over the years and have been the grateful recipient of their wisdom on holsters and other gear. I have some favorites holsters I keep going back to, but even so my “big box o’ cop stuff” has grown into a really big box over the years.

Now that I’ve used your holster for the last few days, with my suit/dress belt at work and today with jeans/Wilderness belt, I am going to need an even bigger box. Your holster has made all of the others obsolete.

The holster is simply the best combination of comfort, concealment, and retention I have experienced in an OWB, whether light-mounted or not.

There are some excellent holsters makers out there, but your quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and willingness to consider a customer’s specific needs truly sets you apart from all of them.

Thank you for outstanding product and service.
— M. Innocenti, California L.E.O./D.A. Investigator, Firearms & TacOps Instructor, former Deputy/SWAT Operator, Principle: Omega Defensive Solutions, LLC

Put simply, this holster is awesome! The Steyr/light combo is huge, but it disappears if I do my part, and it is so reassuring to have the light right there! This holster has confirmed everything I was hoping to learn about AIWB carry, and it has performed perfectly.
— E.H., Connecticut

Just wanted to drop you a line and give you feedback on the great shoulder holster you designed and produced for me. First of all, your design was functional, attractive, and detail oriented. Having worn the rig for the past two weeks, I have come to truly appreciate your craftsmanship and work product. Turnaround time and open communication with your clients are so much appreciated. I hope to do more business with you folks!
— California Law Unforcement Officer

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